Google and Other Cloud Services Provide APIs and Data to Collaborate Against the Pandemic

Google recently launched the Cloud Healthcare API, aiming to help healthcare institutions manage medical data more quickly, securely, and efficiently.

Through a highly private framework, AI and machine learning are utilized to analyze the data. Google claims that the service can not only reduce the burden and pressure on healthcare institutions but also provides support for data formats such as FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM. Several service items and functions are provided specifically for the pandemic.

Institutions can use Google Meet to communicate with patients, and medical care providers can apply for the GSuite plan.

Google Maps Platform COVID-19 Developer Resource Hub is also available for developers to better organize information such as equipment, personnel, and testing sites.

Other resources include Looker’s public health data sets and dashboards, cloud computing capabilities from Google Cloud, and protein structure prediction data from DeepMind.

Other important resources, such as the COVID-19 HPC Consortium and Kaggle’s COVID-19 section, and CORD-19 open dataset.

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